10th Development Plan Saudi Arabia (2015-2019)

Name of policy 10th Development Plan Saudi Arabia (2015-2019)
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Supranational region
Country Saudi Arabia
Region Asia

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Policy objective
  • Economic development
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  • Policy support
    • Strategic planning
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    • General
      Policy description "Key drivers adopted in the 10th plan are as follows:

      - Introduce new programs and projects to increase value added of oil and gas resources in all production activities, and promote industries using these resources. - Increase real value added of non-oil sectors annually by an average of 8.5% of GDP (at constant prices of 2010) and its share from 59.1% in 2014 to 66% in 2019. - Growing the share of private sector in the GDP (at constant prices of 2010) from 44.9% in 2014, to 50.6% in 2019. - Increasing the annual growth rate of the manufacturing industries sector from 8.36%in 2014 to 10.58% in 2019, and the Mining and Quarrying sector from 5.98% in 2014 to 8.56% in 2019. - Increase in public investment is planned for the coming five years, about 2.4 trillion Riyal to finance development projects of the major sectors, including human resources, economic resources, social and health, and infrastructure. The 10th development Plan allocates 372 billion Riyals for spending on infrastructure, which is about 76% more than what was allocated in the 9th Plan. This will be accompanied by new measures for the rationalization of government spending." (http://g20.org.tr/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/g20_comprehensive_growth_strategy_saudi_arabia.pdf)

      "As a first step towards greater diversification, the plan envisages raising utilisation rates of mineral resources, diversifying sector activities and developing local processing of mining raw materials. In terms of petrochemicals, this will involve developing upstream and downstream industrial activities that depend on oil and gas. Production capacity in the industrial sector will also be expanded in line with the National Industrial Strategy, with an emphasis on projects related to the diversification of energy sources away from oil. The plan aims to increase the contribution of the services sector to GDP, with an emphasis on financial, tourism, transport, engineering, communications and IT services, according to the Ministry of Economy and Planning (MEP)." (http://www.oxfordbusinessgroup.com/analysis/long-game-new-development-plan-shows-clear-commitment-education-and-private-sector)

      Policy type
      • Changing activity1
      Policy stringency
      Implementation state Implemented
      Date of decision 2014
      Start date of implementation 2015
      End date of implementation
      High impact GHG reduction
      Impact indicator

      Source or references http://www.oxfordbusinessgroup.com/analysis/long-game-new-development-plan-shows-clear-commitment-education-and-private-sector


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