12th Five-Year Plan for the Development of National Economy and Society (2011-2015) China 2011

Name of policy 12th Five-Year Plan for the Development of National Economy and Society (2011-2015)
Jurisdiction Country
Supranational region
Country China
Region Asia

Subnational region or state
City or local
Policy objective
  • Mitigation
Type of policy instrument
  • Target
    • GHG reduction target
      • Formal & legally binding GHG reduction target
    • Renewable energy target
      • Formal & legally binding renewable energy target
    • Energy efficiency target
      • Formal & legally binding energy efficiency target
  • Climate strategy
    • Formal & legally binding climate strategy
    Sector name
    • General
      Policy description Decrease the carbon intensity of GDP by 17% by 2015; to decrease the energy intensity of GDP by 16%; to increase the share of non-fossil fuel primary energy consumption to 11.4%; and to increase forest coverage by 21.6%.

      Additional capacity of 70 GW from 6 onshore and 2 offshore wind parks planned. 12th FYP also includes plan to set up 1,000 “solar energy model villages” (http://ghs.ndrc.gov.cn/ghwb/gjwngh/201109/P020110919590835399263.pdf page 21 bullet point 8)as well as the idea to in Tibet, Inner Mongolia, Gansu, Ningxia, Qinghai, Xinjiang, Yunnan and other provinces, focus on the completion of more than 5 million kilowatts of solar power plants (page 30, point 4). According to http://www.kreab.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/17/2013/07/FYP-for-Energy-Development.pdf, also contains plan to raise solar generation capacity to 21 GW (from less than 1 GW in 2010).

      Policy type
      • Changing activity
      • Energy efficiency
      • Renewables
      • Nuclear or CCS or fuel switch
      • Non-energy5
      Policy stringency
      Implementation state Superseded
      Date of decision 2011
      Start date of implementation
      End date of implementation 2015
      High impact No
      Impact indicator

      Source or references http://ghs.ndrc.gov.cn/ghwb/gjwngh/201109/P020110919590835399263.pdf


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      Status Final

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