2014 Amendment of the Renewable Energy Sources Act -EEG- Germany 2014

Name of policy 2014 Amendment of the Renewable Energy Sources Act -EEG-
Jurisdiction Country
Supranational region
Country Germany
Region Europe

Subnational region or state
City or local
Policy objective
  • Mitigation
Type of policy instrument
  • Economic Instruments
    • Fiscal or financial incentives
      • Energy and other taxes
      • Feed-in tariffs or premiums
  • Target
    • Renewable energy target
      • Formal & legally binding renewable energy target
  • Regulatory Instruments
    • Policy support
      • Strategic planning
      Sector name
      • Electricity and heat
        • Renewables
      Policy description The 2014 Amendment of the Renewable Energy Sources Act -EEG- entered into force on 1st of August 2014. The objective of the 2014 amendment to the EEG is to continue steady deployment of renewable energy in Germany in a cost efficient manner by integrating RES more to the market.

      RES gross electricity consumption share is set to increase: to 40%-45% by 2025 to 55% - 60% by 2035 to 80% by 2050

      Policy type
      • Renewables1
      Policy stringency
      Implementation state Implemented
      Date of decision 2014
      Start date of implementation
      End date of implementation
      High impact No
      Impact indicator
      NameValueBase yearTarget yearComments
      Share of renewables (%)802,05040%-45% by 2025 , 55% - 60% by 2035 share of renewables in the energy mix

      Source or references http://www.bmwi.de/EN/Topics/Energy/Renewable-Energy/2014-renewable-energy-sources-act.html
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      Is supported by policies
      Comments (background and assessment)
      Status Final

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