Energy Strategy for 2035

Name of policy Energy Strategy for 2035
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Supranational region
Country Ukraine
Region Europe

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Policy objective
  • Mitigation
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  • Policy support
    • Strategic planning
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    • General
      Policy description The aim of the Strategy is to provide for the society and the economy demand in fuel and energy resources in a technically safe, secure, cost-effective and environmentally sound manner to ensure improved living conditions of the population. The target status of Ukraine’s energy sector, at which the Strategy is aimed, is determined based on the need to:

      • meet the population’s demand in both normal and emergency conditions;

      • ensure the technically reliable and safe operation of the power supply system;

      • provide for the economic efficiency of Ukrainian power supply systems and the energy sector in general;

      • ensure the efficient energy use by the population and the national economy;

      • find an environmentally sound solution to the environmental and climate impact of the energy sector;

      • enable the state to form and implement policies aimed at protecting national interests regardless of the existing and potential internal and external threats to the energy sector.

      The quantitative and qualitative targets of the Strategy are defined with due account of the need to ensure the sustainable development of the Ukrainian society in the long term, national economic priorities, and international obligations of Ukraine. The major targets for the period through 2035 are:

      • to reduce GDP energy intensity by 2035 to the level of 0.17 koe per 1 USD Ukrainian GDP (PPP) and to bring this indicator nearer to that of the countries with similar climatic, geographic, and economic conditions;

      • to optimize the structure of the country’s energy balance basing on energy security requirements and to bring the share of renewable energy to 20%;

      • to achieve by 2020 the level of dependence on energy supplies from a single country (company) not exceeding 30% of total imports (for nuclear fuel, targets are set separately);

      • to achieve by 2035 the level of dependence on supplies from a single country not exceeding 30% of the total consumption of all types of energy;

      • to ensure a guaranteed compliance of generating capacities to the volumes and modes of energy consumption in the United Power System of Ukraine, particularly with regard to regulatory capacities availability;

      • to ensure by 2025 the technical integration of Ukrainian and European electricity and gas markets (cross-border transmission networks) amounting to at least 15% of Ukraine’s domestic market volume;

      • to form by 2035 a system of guaranteed power supplies to meet the demand of the national economy and the population during an emergency period equivalent to 90 days of consumption.

      (source: IEA)

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      Implementation state Implemented
      Date of decision 2017
      Start date of implementation
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      High impact No
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