National Climate Change Response Policy South Africa 2011

Name of policy National Climate Change Response Policy
Jurisdiction Country
Supranational region
Country South Africa
Region Africa

Subnational region or state
City or local
Policy objective
  • Mitigation
  • Adaptation
  • Water
Type of policy instrument
  • Economic Instruments
    • Policy support
      • Strategic planning
      • Climate strategy
        • Political & non-binding climate strategy
        Sector name
        • General
          Policy description Executive. Both mitigation and adaptation, stop increase of GHG emissions by 2020-2025, stabilise over 10 years and decline from there. "South Africa’s response to climate change has two objective … b) Make a fair contribution to the global effort to stabilise greenhouse gas (GHG) concentrations in the atmosphere at a level that avoids dangerous anthropogenic interference with the climate system within a timeframe that enables economic, social and environmental development to proceed in a sustainable manner." (Page 11, Objectives, NCCRP White Paper) 3. "South Africa has launched its new National Climate Change Response Policy. Developed over the last six years, the policy gives the country a clear roadmap for responding to the urgency of climate change as it pushes towards a "green economy." 4. The National Committee on Climate Change (NCCC) 1. South Africa has almost exclusively dealt with climate change through policies, strategies and regulations rather than legislation. (3rd GLOBE Report, page 374), 1. National Climate Change Response Strategy (2004), 2. Vision, Strategic Direction and Framework for Climate Policy (July 2008), 2. National Climate Change Response Policy (NCCRP) White Paper, approved by the Cabinet in Oct 2011.
          Policy type
          • Changing activity
          • Energy efficiency
          • Renewables
          • Nuclear or CCS or fuel switch
          • Non-energy5
          Policy stringency
          Implementation state Implemented
          Date of decision 2011
          Start date of implementation
          End date of implementation
          High impact No
          Impact indicator

          Source or references

          Supports policies
          Is supported by policies
          Comments (background and assessment)
          Status Final

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