National Plan of Action and Adaptation to Climate Change Algeria 2003

Name of policy National Plan of Action and Adaptation to Climate Change
Jurisdiction Country
Supranational region
Country Algeria
Region Africa

Subnational region or state
City or local
Policy objective
  • Mitigation
  • Adaptation
Type of policy instrument
  • Climate strategy
    Sector name
    • General
      Policy description "Algeria launched the National Plan of Action and Adaptation to Climate Change (PNA-ACC) (2003-2013) to honour the Kyoto Protocol commitments. Updated in 2013 through the National Climate Plan, it provides measures to limit climate change through CO2 sequestration, promotion of clean energy, reduction of the carbon footprint of industry and households, and increasing energy efficiency of processes. In parallel, it aims to adapt infrastructure to the consequences of global warming by improving the water system, promoting reforestation and adaptation of agriculture to climate change, and supporting fight against desertification."

      Unclear if this plan is currently still in force or if it was completely superseded by the National Climate Plan

      Policy type
      • Changing activity
      • Energy efficiency
      • Renewables
      • Nuclear or CCS or fuel switch
      • Non-energy5
      Policy stringency
      Implementation state Implemented
      Date of decision 2003
      Start date of implementation
      End date of implementation
      High impact No
      Impact indicator

      Source or references

      Sahnoune et al. 2013 - Climate Change in Algeria: Vulnerability and Strategy of Mitigation and Adaptation;

      Supports policies
      Is supported by policies
      Comments (background and assessment)
      Status Final

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