Renewable Energy Policy Bangladesh 2008

Name of policy Renewable Energy Policy
Jurisdiction Country
Supranational region
Country Bangladesh
Region Asia

Subnational region or state
City or local
Policy objective
  • Mitigation
Type of policy instrument
  • Target
    • Renewable energy target
      • Political & non-binding renewable energy target
Sector name
  • General
    • Electricity and heat
      • Renewables
    Policy description Executive

    The objectives of the Renewable Energy Policy for Bangladesh are to:

    Harness the potential of renewable energy resources and dissemination of renewable energy technologies in rural, peri-urban and urban areas; Enable, encourage and facilitate both public and private sector investment in renewable energy projects; Develop sustainable energy supplies to substitute indigenous non-renewable energy supplies; Scale up contributions of renewable energy to electricity production; Scale up contributions of renewable energy both to electricity and to heat energy. The main goal is develop renewable energy sources to meet 5% of total power demand by 2015 and 10% by 2020.

    Policy type
    • Renewables1
    Policy stringency
    Implementation state Implemented
    Date of decision 2008
    Start date of implementation
    End date of implementation
    High impact No
    Impact indicator
    NameValueBase yearTarget yearComments
    Share of renewables (%)102,020

    Source or references
    Supports policies
    Is supported by policies
    Comments (background and assessment)
    Status Final

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