Vehicle Fuel Economy Standards China 2005

Name of policy Vehicle Fuel Economy Standards
Jurisdiction Country
Supranational region
Country China
Region Asia

Subnational region or state
City or local
Policy objective
  • Mitigation
  • Air pollution
Type of policy instrument
  • Regulatory Instruments
    • Codes and standards
      • Vehicle fuel-economy and emissions standards
Sector name
  • Transport
    • Heavy duty vehicles
    • Light duty vehicles
Policy description China has vehicle fuel economy and emissions standards for both heavy-duty and light-duty vehicles.

"The legal foundations for China’s vehicle emission control regulations and programs, including compliance programs, are in China’s Air Pollution Prevention and Control Law. The law requires that emissions from all motor vehicles and vessels must not exceed the regulated limits, prohibits any entity from producing, selling or importing vehicles that do not comply with emissions standards, and prohibits vehicles that fail to meet in-use emission standards from operating on the road." "VECC-MEP estimates that nationwide, about 10-20% of vehicles do not pass their first I/M inspection, but there is no data on how many vehicles are being tested every year." (

"In 2011, a third phase to the fuel economy standard has been introduced, targeting fuel consumption of 5L/100km by 2020, which translates to an estimated of 120g/km CO2 emissions and adding corporate average fuel consumption target to the original vehicle-based standard." - for light-duty vehicles ( The limit in 2015 was 6.9L/100km. Emissions standards for other types of pollutants from light-duty vehicles can be found here:

Heavy-duty vehicles (>3.5 metric tons) fuel economy standards vary according to weight from 13 to 45.5 l/100km, based on Phase II standards, applying from 2014. (exact values: Heavy-duty vehicles (>3.5 metric tons) emissions standard China V has been adopted in 2016. Standards for different pollutants can be found here:

Fuel consumption standards for motorcycles and mopeds are 8l/100km for two-wheelers and 9l/100km for three-wheelers

Policy type
  • Energy efficiency1
Policy stringency
Implementation state Implemented
Date of decision 2005
Start date of implementation
End date of implementation
High impact GHG reduction
Impact indicator

Source or references

Supports policies
Is supported by policies
Comments (background and assessment)
Status Final

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