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Name of policy Energy Efficiency Target
Jurisdiction Country
Supranational region
Country Belgium
Region Europe

Subnational region or state
City or local
Policy objective
  • Mitigation
Type of policy instrument
  • Target
    • Energy efficiency target
      • Formal & legally binding energy efficiency target
Sector name
  • General
    Policy description Within the framework of Art. 3 of the EED (directive 2012/27/EU), Belgium has set an indicative energy efficiency target of 18% reduction in primary energy consumption by 2020 relative to the ‘Primes 2007’ baseline. This produces a saving of 9,6 Mtoe. The corresponding final energy saving is 7,1 Mtoe (82,6 TWh). The final energy saving projected in 2020 in the 4th NEEAP is the sum for the three regions, which amounts to 43,4 GWh: Flanders: 28,9 GWh; Wallonia: 9,7 GWh; Brussels: 4,8 GWh.
    Policy type
    • Energy efficiency1
    Policy stringency
    Implementation state Implemented
    Date of decision 2013
    Start date of implementation
    End date of implementation
    High impact No
    Impact indicator

    Source or references https://www.odyssee-mure.eu/publications/efficiency-trends-policies-profiles/belgium.html
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    Is supported by policies
    Comments (background and assessment)
    Status Final

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