"The Basic Plan for Long-term Electricity Supply and Demand (BPE) is prepared by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy pursuant to Article 25 of the Electricity Business Act
(EBA) for a stable supply and demand of electricity. BPE is announced biennially and it is reviewed and released by the Electricity Policy Review Board pursuant to Article 15
of the Electricity Business Decree after the consultation among the Ministries, the report to the National Assembly Standing Committee, and the public hearing".
- 11.7% renewable total generation by 2029
- 20.1% renewable generation capacity by 2029
- Annual demand reduction by 14.3% against BAU by 2029
- Peak demand reduction by 12% against BAU by 2020

Impact indicators:
  • 1
    Name: Electricity generation emissions (gCO2/kWh)
    Value: 27594
    Base year: -
    Target year: 2030
    Comments: Nuclear electricity capacity (MW), Share of renewables (incl. hydro) in electricity generation (%), Coal electricity production (TWh), Share of coal electricity production (%), Oil electricity production (TWh), Share of oil electricity production (%)
  • 2
    Name: Share of renewables (%)
    Value: 24
    Base year: -
    Target year: 2030
    Comments: -