The following coal phase-out plans were announced in past year: Germany confirmed its coal phase-out by 2038 in January 2020; Greece and Hungary announced phase-out plans for 2028 and 2030 respectively in September 2019; Portugal announced an accelerated phase-out from 2030 to 2023 in October 2019; Slovakia declared in June 2019 it would stop using coal for electricity production by 2023.

Other previously announced plans include Denmark (2030), Finland (2029), France (2021), Ireland (2025), Italy (2025), and the Netherlands (2029).

Belgium (2016), Austria (2020), and Sweden (2020) are the only member states to have achieved a coal phase-out. The following six member states have no coal in their electricity mix: Cyprus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, and Malta.

On the other hand, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czechia, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, and Spain have presented no phase-out plans until this moment, which jeopardise the green transition in these countries.