"The plan for biofuel energies have been declared in the Decision No. 177/2007QD-TTg by Prime Minister dated 20 November 2007 on “National Program on bio-fuel development up to 2015 with outlook up to 2025” and it target a development of biofuel, a new and renewable energy, for use as an alternative to partially replace conventional fossil fuels, contributing to assuring energy security and environmental protection with the following objectives:
"2010 : Develop various models of trial production and use of biofuels with a total annual output of 100,000 tons of E5 and 50,000 tons of B5 in order to satisfy 0.4% of the country's gasoline and oil demand:
"2015 : ethanol and biodiesel will reach 250,000 tons (enough for blending 5 million tons of E5 and B5), satisfying 1% of the whole country's gasoline and oil demand;
"Vision to 2025: The biofuel production technology applied in Vietnam will attain the world's advanced level. The ethanol and vegetable oil output will reach 1.8 million tons, satisfying some 5% of the whole country's gasoline and oil demand"
(Source: http://sxsh.vn/en-US/Home/LatestNews-10/2014/Current-statute-of-biofuel-production-in-Vietnam-2072.aspx)