"The Communications proposed an integrated approach with a view to reaching the Community target of 120 g CO2/km by 2012 and announced that the Commission would propose a legislative framework to achieve the Community objective by focusing on mandatory reductions of emissions of CO2 to reach an objective of 130 g CO2/km for the average new car fleet by means of improvements in vehicle motor technology."
"From 2020 onwards, this Regulation sets a target of 95 g CO2/km as average emissions for the new car fleet, in accordance with Article 13(5)."
For the purposes of determining each manufacturer's average specific emissions of CO2, 100% of each manufacturer's fleet needs to meet the requirements from 2015 onwards. An excess emissions premium will be charged if the standards are not met.
(Source: http://eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-content/EN/TXT/?uri=celex:32009R0443)
This directive was amended by Regulation (EU) No 333/2014.
"% bonus for E85 cars until Dec 2015 if sustainable E85 is available at least at 30 % of all filling stations of the Member State where the car is registered." (http://www.biofuelstp.eu/biofuels-legislation.html)

Impact indicators:
  • 1
    Name: Electricity generation emissions (gCO2/kWh)
    Value: 99.7
    Base year: -
    Target year: 2025
    Comments: Electrification rate (%), Capacity of renewables (MW), Capacity of renewables (MW), Capacity of renewables (MW), Capacity of renewables (MW)