Released in April 2018, the plan participates in the strategy for France to reach carbon neutrality by 2050. The document notes that the buildings sector represent close to 45% of final energy consumption and 27% of GHG emissions at the national level.
The overall goal is to reduce energy consumption within the buildings secotr. For that, the plan aims at: "1) creating a guarantee fund of more than 50 million euros to help 35,000 low-income households a year; 2) simplifying support for all by transforming the tax credit into a premium and adapting existing loans; 3) enhancing the reliability of the energy label of homes through diagnosis of energy performance (DPE); 4) better training professionals and better controlling the quality of work by reforming the label RGE (recognized guarantor of the environment), investing 30 million euros in the training of professionals and 40 million euros in innovation; 5) encouraging a massive renovation of public buildings of the State and communities by mobilizing 4.8 billion euros; and 6) missioning a start-up to support the renovation of public buildings of local authorities by pooling resources to consolidate contracts, reduce costs and remove contractual, legal and institutional obstacles." (reference below)