The overarching objective of this Act is to provide for the protection and sustainable use of forests, wildlife and related natural resources of Bhutan for the benefit of present and future generations.
Art. 8 states that all forests (defined as "any land or water body" in Art. 3) are declared to be Government Reserved Forests.
The Act regulates any economic, domestic, touristic and scientific activities within Government Reserved Forests. Chapter V also regulates the transport, import and export of forest produce.
Art 21.a states that the Royal Government may declare any land in the country to be a National Park, Wildlife Sanctuary, Wildlife Reserve, Nature Reserve, Strict Nature Reserve, Protected Forest, Research Forest, Conservation Area, Cultural or Natural Heritage Site, Biosphere Reserve, Critical Watershed or other category of Protected Area for the preservation of areas of natural beauty of national importance, protection of biological diversity, management of wildlife, conservation of soil and water and related purposes.