"This law states that forest administration will ensure that forests are sufficient in area and evenly distributed, optimising the variety of forest functions which cover conservation, protection and production functions in order to gain balance and sustainable benefits of environment, social, culture and economy. This includes improving the carrying capacity of watershed; improving the capacity to develop community potentials and empowerment through participatory, equal and environmental-friendly ways so as to establish an endurance against the external change; and securing equal and sustainable distribution of benefits. The law provides the Government authority to: regulate and organise all aspects related to forest, forest area and forest products; assign the status of certain area as a forest area or a non-forest area; and regulate and determine legal relations between man and forest, and regulate legal actions concerning forestry. Article 67 recognizes the rights of traditional Communities to derive their daily needs by the forest they are entitled to live in and empowers them to act as per their tradition without contravening the Act provisions."