Reduction of GHG emissions by 27%-30% by 2020 relative to a "business as usual"of 2005. "The purpose of this Act (Framework Act) is to promote the development of the national economy by laying down the foundation necessary for low carbon, green growth and by utilizing green technology and green industries as new engines for growth ...fulfill its responsibility in international society through the realization of a low-carbon society." Article 14 of the Framework Act elaborates upon Presidential Committee on Green Growth and has been instituted "in order to have the Committee deliberate on the State’s major policies and plans related to low carbon, green growth..." Article 15 spells out its functions.

Impact indicators:
  • 1
    Name: Energy efficiency improvement target (%)
    Value: 20
    Base year: 2010
    Target year: 2025
    Comments: The EE improvements in appliances will lead to the EE improvement of buildings. Energy intensity (MJ/m2) of buildings improvement