Guyana’s INDC included a commitment to achieve. The INDC of Guyana does not include a specific target for carbon emissions reduction by 2030. However, the INDC did include an unconditional commitment to undertake policy measures aimed at reducing deforestation and ensuring sustainable forest management. Contingent on the provision of adequate international support, Guyana is also committed to undertaking an ambitious target of forest conservation under the UN-REDD Programme framework. IEA/IRENA Global Renewable Energy Policies and Measures Database © OECD/IEA and IRENA, [November 2020]

Impact indicators:
  • 1
    Name: GHG emissions reduction (%)
    Value: 30
    Base year: 2007
    Target year: 2030
    Comments: Unconditional GHG emissions per GDP reduction (%), Conditional GHG emissions per GDP reduction (%)