National Climate Change Committee has been established. The Office of Climate Change and Development falls under this committee. The Office of Climate Change and Development (OCCD)'s mandate is "To ensure that Papua New Guinea’s economic and social development objectives are climate-compatible and that Vision 2050, particularly Pillar Five on Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change, is achieved by: a. Ensuring our natural resources are used in a way that does not negatively impact future generations of Papua New Guineans and are managed equitably, b. ... and c. Contributing to the global effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate the negative impacts of climate change. The Interim action plan identifies " Opportunities for Greenhouse gas abatement (Page 8, IAP) Has some parallels with the approach taken by China where the long term plan provides guideline for the Government. Not sure if the category in 2012 should be 2 or 3. If Vision 2050 is recognized then PNG will fall in category 2 else in category 3. 1. Papua New Guinea Vision 2050 identifies Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change as one of the seven key pillars for its 2050 vision. 2. Interim Action Plan for
Climate-Compatible Development -- Draft document for public consultation, August 2010 ).