A number of recommendations made by the Citizen Climate Convention are adopted by the Climate and Resilience law. It is a 305-article document that primarily addresses consumption (articles 2 to 29), work and production (30 to 102), transportation (articles 103 to 147), housing (articles 148 to 251), food security (articles 252-278), the strengthening of environmental legal protection (279 to 297), and climate and environmental monitoring (298 to 305).
The State reaffirms its dedication to upholding the goals of decreasing greenhouse gas emissions in accordance with EU 2018/842 regulation and the Paris Agreement in Article 1 of the law.
The exposure of goods and services that have a significant negative impact on the environment, such as fossil fuels (2022) and high-polluting vehicles (2028), is prohibited by articles 7 to 22 on the supervision and regulation of advertising. Automobile manufacturers must begin identifying the CO2 emission class of their vehicles in ads as of March 1, 2022.
A low-emission mobility zone must be established by cities or metropolitan areas with more than 150,000 residents before December 31, 2024, flights within France are prohibited when the trip can be made without a connection and with multiple daily connections lasting less than 2h30, and regions are given the option to enact a road ecotax beginning in 2024. The extraordinary deduction program that benefits businesses utilizing cars heavier than 2.6 tonnes and that run on gas (NGV, LNG, bioNGV, and bioLNG), some forms of biofuels, electricity, or hydrogen is extended through December 31, 2030, under Article 133.
The law modifies Article 101-2 of the Code for Urbanism to establish the long-term goal of ending soil artificialization. Additionally, it develops a method for environmental labeling.
Public and private catering service managers are required under Article 252 to provide a vegetarian menu at least once a week.
When violations cause substantial and long-lasting harm to people's health, the environment's flora and fauna, or the standard of the air, soil, or water, Article 280 also establishes sanctions for "ecocide" offences.