The guiding principles of the 2021-2030 LCPDP include:
- enhancement of renewable energy technology integration in line with the worldwide falling costs and ensuring that Variable Renewable Energy resources in the country are optimally utilized for power generation;
- encouragement of private sector participation in power generation through the FiT, energy auctions and the public private partnerships frameworks;
- encouragement of Distributed Energy Resources and captive power generation in line with section 167 of the Energy Act, 2019 by bringing these segment of developers into the regulated framework;
- improvements in and greater deployment of ICT in the energy sector which the Government anticipates will lead to significant changes in the number of service providers netted into the system and will subsequently expand energy customer choices and control;
- focus on load growth through aggressive connections and application of specialized programmes;
- integration of environmental concerns such as the Nationally Agreed Targets in Green House Gas (GHG) emissions that require the sector to conserve the environment and limit such emissions; and
- focus on emerging technologies and investment in primary data such as wind and solar insolation mapping necessary for attracting quality developers.