Switzerlands' LTS confirms the country's target to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. It sets out ten key strategic principles that will guide and shape Switzerland's climate policy actions over the coming years:
1. Switzerland will take advantage of the opportunities presented by a systematic transition to net zero.
2. Switzerland will assume its climate policy responsibility.
3. Priority will be given to reducing domestic emissions.
4. Emissions will be reduced across entire value chains.
5. All energy sources will be used effectively taking account of their optimal usage potential.
6. The Swiss Confederation and the cantons will gear their planning activities to net zero in all climaterelevant areas.
7. The transition to net zero will be carried out in a socially acceptable way.
8. The transition to net zero will be achieved in an economically viable way.
9. The transition to net zero will also improve environmental quality.
10. The Long-Term Climate Strategy is based on openness to all types of technology.