Morocco's LTS sets out the target of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. The strategy revolves around the 7 strategic orientations:
1. Accelerate the strong development of renewable energies with a view to carbon-free electricity, starting from an indicative target of 80% by 2050;
2. Increase the electrification of uses in the industrial, building and transport sectors, and assess the development potential of green hydrogen to decarbonise industry and freight transport;
3. Generalize energy efficiency and efficiency in the use of natural resources in all sectors, while developing construction quality standards and infrastructure and of equipment;
4. Stimulate the circular economy, waste reduction and recovery;
5. Develop sustainable and resilient agriculture and forest ecosystems and carbon sinks;
6. Set up transport and logistics plans favoring multi-modality and massive investment in the development of new transport infrastructure; and
7. Promote a new generation of sober and "smart" cities, including through integration system of digital transition technologies in all socio-economic sectors.