"In 2004 , China issued ‘‘Market Entry Criteria for Coke Industry’ ’to allow only coke ovens with the chamber height equal or higher than 4.3m and the production capacity equal or higher than 0.6MMT/year (for normal machinery ovens) in new projects (NDRC, 2004). In 2008, the criteria were further strengthened, for example, to 6.0m for normal machinery ovens and 5.5m for stamp-charged heat recovery ovens (Ministry of Industry andInformationTechnology,2008). In order to eliminate existing small coke ovens, the announcement issued by NDRC in 2006 also required the local authorities to eliminate all ovens with chamber height under 4.3m by the end of 2007(2009 for western China) and to ensure that the share of capacity with height greater than 6.0m (5.5m for stamp-charged ovens) is more than 80% within the next 3–5 years (NDRC, 2004)." (Huo et al., 2012)
"Besides the production capacity and chamber height, the Market Entry Criteria also require the comprehensive energy consumption rate (below 170 and 165 kg of coa lequivalent per ton of coke product in the 2004 and 2008 criteria), COG utilization rates (above 95% and above 98% in the 2004 and 2008 criteria), water recycle rates (above 85% and above 95% in the 2004 and 2008 criteria), and installation of coal gas cleanup,etc."(Huo et al., 2012).