This strategy policy document is based on three pillars:
Pillar 1- The program on strengthening resilience of forest ecosystems and communities:
1. Ecosystem-based vulnerability assessment
2. Climate change adaptation planning
3. Management of protection forests and protected areas
4. Protection of existing forests
5. Rehabilitation and conservation of mangroves
6. Livelihood support to CBFMA and CADT holders
7. Formulation of integrated watershed management and forest land use plans and
8. Implementation of REDD+ for climate change adaptation and mitigation.
Pillar 2- Programs to respond to demands for forest ecosystems goods and services:
1. Delineation and demarcation of forest management zones
2. Commercial forest plantation development for round wood production
3. Fuel wood plantation development
4. Management of grazing lands
5. Watershed management and rehabilitation and
6. Urban forestry
Pillar 3- Responsive governance programs:
1. Inventory of forest occupants
2. Issuance of tenure/ management instruments to close open access forestlands
3. Enhancement of forestry policies
4. Institutionalizing collaborative management
5. Mainstreaming climate change into the DENR’s policy and institutional processes and
6. Capability enhancement