The third NEEAP raised the primary energy savings target to 670 ktoe and the final energy savings target to 450 ktoe by 2020, providing energy savings in multi-apartment buildings, municipal buildings and public institutions, energy savings in industry, service and transport sectors, as well as energy savings in district heating systems. Currently between 2014 and 2015 Latvia reached a 0,6% (1,2 PJ) savings in primary energy consumption and 1,2% (2 PJ) savings in final energy consumption. Comparing 2010 and 2015, Latvia has reached a 9,8 PJ savings in primary and 11 PJ savings in final energy consumptions.
Latvia adopted its National Energy Efficiency Action Plan (NEEAP) in 2008 and the second version in June 2011. Nearly 78% of the savings must be achieved in the household sector, 12% in the services sector, 6% in the transport sector and 5% in industry.