The objectives of this action plan are:
i. Increase the understanding of climate change impact among women, youth and other vulnerable groups through evidence-based vulnerability analysis and dissemination.
ii. Promote mainstreaming of gender in all policies, programs and processes of climate change management in various sectors of the economy.
iii. Advocate the integration of gender concerns and gender-responsive innovative approaches in the implementation of the Paris Agreement and
Nigeria’s NDCs.
iv. Increase participation of vulnerable groups especially women, youth and persons with disability in climate change policies and negotiations at local, state, national and international levels.
v. Promote the implementation of gender responsive and sustainable adaptation and mitigation initiatives that will minimise risks associated
with climate change while maximising opportunities for women, men, youth and other vulnerable groups.
vi. Establish a gender responsive monitoring and evaluation system for the collection and regular dissemination of sex disaggregated data on climate change issues.
vii. Promote the mobilization of climate finance to implement gender-sensitive adaptation initiatives to enhance the resilience of women, youth and other vulnerable groups.
viii. Strengthen capacity of the Department of Climate Change for gender mainstreaming in the overall national climate change response.
ix. Provide a uniform implementation guide and platform for partnerships building and coordination among key stakeholders working on gender and climate change in Nigeria.