The 2021 national budget includes several items supporting mitigation activities in different sectors. These include:
- The Green Innovation Fund Business: JPY 2 trillion fund to assist ambitious green projects over the next decade, and to supoprt the establishment of international hydrogen supply chain technology and improvement of evaluation base for liquefied hydrogen-related equipment research and development.
-Support for effective use of sewage resources (JPY 2 billion)
-Zero-carbon city renewable energy enhancement support package (JPY 20 billion)
-Subsidy for EVs, fuel cell vehicles, charging stations and renewable energy supply for charging
- R&D projects for a fusion DEMO reactor
-Support for carbon neutrality in the maritime and port fields (JPY 800 million)
-Support for livestock biomass energy
-Solar PV installation subsidy (JPY 5 billion)
-Decarbonising distribution logistics (JPY 1 billion)