The National Climate Change Policy is a framework policy that was developed in 2016 and was approved by Cabinet in 2018.
The National Climate Change Policy represents "The Gambia’s determined and systematic response to the interlinked climate threats to sustainable development, wellbeing and ecological integrity". It defines the long-term vision for the country: "to achieve a climate-resilient society, through systems and strategies that mainstream climate change, disaster risk reduction, gender and environmental management, for sustainable social, political and economic development".
"The goal of the Policy is, by 2025, to achieve the mainstreaming of climate change into national planning, budgeting, decision-making, and programme implementation, through effective institutional mechanisms, coordinated financial resources, and enhanced human resources capacity".
The policy defines policy objectives, strategic priorities and guidelines for each sector.
Art. 7.4 creates the National Climate Change Council, which was inaugurated in 2019. Art 8.2.2 creates the Gambian Climate Change Fund which was not in place yet as of May 2019 (source: The Point).