The National Climate Change Policy of Sri Lanka has been formulated by the Climate Change Secretariat under the Ministry of Environment. The Policy contains a vision, mission, goal and a set of guiding principles followed by broad policy statements under Vulnerability, Adaptation, Mitigation, Sustainable Consumption and Production and Knowledge Management. One of the objectives is, "Mitigate greenhouse gas emissions in the path of sustainable development." Under the legal and regulatory framework, the policy talks of the need to, "Strengthen legal and regulatory mechanisms to take effective measures to meet climate change challenges by integrating legal requirements in to the respective sectors." and "Ensure equitable enforcement of these regulatory provisions." The National Climate Change Policy (NCCP) has been drafted with support from the UN-Habitat and under the National Advisory Committee on Climate Change (NACCC) which is part of the Climate change Secretariat. The work began in Feb 2011. The stakeholder workshop for the finalisation of the draft was held in July 2011. There are no official documents, related news articles, or independent reports that indicate when this was finalised or if the cabinet approved it. The policy document itself is not dated The National Climate Change Policy of Sri Lanka.