The country started the process to develop national policy in 2010. 2. "The final recommendations on Climate Finance and Low-Carbon Mitigation Options are now available. The Action Plan is expected to be completed in October 2012." 3. "The National Climate change action plan was endorsed by 234 delegates from all the 47 counties of Kenya who converged at Utalii hotel in Nairobi on Thursday, 22 November 2012.". 4. Ministry of Environment and Miniral Resources (MEMR) which is mandated to coordinate overall climate change issues will be the lead agency in developing the Action Plan, MEMR will be supported by an Inter-ministerial Task Force. The 3rd GLOBE report suggests that Kenya has no flagship Legislation and that the Climate Change Action Plan will only be approved by the cabinet in early 2013 (The GLOBE Report covers information till Nov 2012). 1. National Climate Change Response Strategy, April 2010. 2. Kenya's Climate Change Action Plan: Mitigation Executive Summary. 3. National Climate Change Action Plan (2013-2017): Executive Summary.