"The National Climate Plan presents an agenda both in terms of mitigation and adaptation, aims to realize sustained economic growth and inclusive social development, while taking due account of climate change related challenges. It provides an overview of climate change vulnerabilities in Algeria and proposes over 70 action measures, including:
– adoption of cleaner energy consumption model by substituting liquid fuels by natural gas and liquefied propane;
– achieving 35,000 hectares of forests and developing another 175,000 hectares;
– waste recovery (13.5 million tonnes / year),
– electrification of railway transport and intensification of urban public transport (including constructing the Algiers metro and tramway infrastructure in several cities).
The Plan further promotes uptake of renewable energies and sets a target of installing of 22,000 MW of renewable power capacity between 2011 and 2030, divided between 12, 000 MW to be dedicated to cover the national demand for electricity and 10,000 MW for export." http://www.lse.ac.uk/GranthamInstitute/law/the-national-climate-plan/