The National Decarbonisation Plan includes mitigation strategies for all sectors of the economy. In this plan, Costa Rica sets a national target of net-zero emissions in 2050 and describes a roadmap towards achieving this target. According to the sectoral breakdown provided in the plan, emissions in 2050 will be 5.5 MtCO2e excluding LULUCF.
Mitigation actions are presented in 10 sectoral focus areas with policy packages in three periods: beginning (2018-2022), inflection (2023-2030) and massive deployment (2031-2050).
1/ Development of a mobility system base on safe, efficient and renewable public transport, and active and shared mobility schemes.
2/ Transformation of the light duty vehicle fleet to a zero emissions one, nourished by energy that is renewable and not of fossil origin.
3/ Promotion of a freight transport that adopts modalities, technologies and energy sources that emit zero or the lowest possible emissions.
4/ Consolidation of the national electric system with the capacity, flexibility, intelligence, and resilience necessary to supply and manage renewable energy at competitive cost.
5/ Development of buildings of different uses (commercial, residential, institutional) under high efficiency standards and low emission processes.
6/ Modernization of the industrial sector through the application of electrical, efficient, and sustainable processes and technologies of low and zero emissions.
7/ Development of an integrated waste management system based on the separation, reuse, revaluation, and final disposal of maximum efficiency and low greenhouse gas emissions.
8/Promotion of highly efficient agricultural food systems that generate low-carbon local consumption and export goods.
9/ Consolidation of an eco-competitive livestock model based on productive efficiency and reduction of greenhouse gases.
10/ Consolidation of a model of management of rural, urban, and coastal territories that facilitates the protection of biodiversity, the increase and maintenance of forest cover and ecosystem services based on nature-based solutions.
This plan also includes 8 cross-cutting strategies to catalyze change.
Spanish: Plan Nacional de DescarbonizaciĆ³n 2018-2050