The National Five Year Development Plan released in 2016 by the Ministry of Finance and Planning is a broad document setting the government's vision for development over the period 2016/17 to 2020/21. It identifies climate change as a further challenge to successfully implement development policies, notably due to induced distractions of infrastructure, loss of productivity in agriculture, and disease outbreaks. Both mitigation and adaptation are explicit policy goals, including supporting research programs to improve and develop new technologies, agronomic practices, information collection and dissemination for early warning. The document promotes renewable energy technologies, including biogas, liquefied petroleum gas, solar energy as well as geothermal and wind.

Impact indicators:
  • 1
    Name: Share of renewables (%)
    Value: 20
    Base year: -
    Target year: 2020
    Comments: Share of renewable in electricity production, reduction in energy losses