Dominican Republic in its NDC 2020, increases its climate ambition by committing to a 27% reduction in GHG emissions compared to BAU or business as usual by 2030, being 20% conditioned to external finances and 7% unconditioned. However, from these 7%, 5% corresponds to the private sector and 2% from the public sector.

The reference year chosen is 2010 and the BAU measured is 51 milGgCO2.

The country posited 46 Mitigation options in Transport, electricity, industry, agriculture and forestry sector, and also adaptation options. The policy instruments overarch all the sectors and mitigation areas. Special attention to fuel switch and investment in renewables in electricity, transport and industry sectors. Also, codes and standards for a less demand and more material efficiency are the base for the building sector, but also present in electricity and transport. Additionally, biomass is incited as a fuel rather than fossils in the industry and agriculture sector (Dominican Republic NDC, 2020).

The main policy instruments are possible to cite the economic strategic planning (Plan DECCC-2011 and Ley-1-12) and the Climate Change National policy (Decree 269-15 – PNCC 2015). Also, in the transport sector it is planned to set codes and standards to reduce GHG emissions (e.g. resource efficiency area – new lines, new modals, low carbon tech and electric cars). In the electricity sector the efforts are to increase the share of renewables (wind, solar and PCH) and fuel switch to a less intensive. In the building sector, Dominican Republic wants to improve energy efficiency (codes and standards visioning more efficiency) and resource efficiency to reduce the demand of energy, set new standards to introduce efficient lighting for public and residential areas. In addition, in the industry sector standards will be set for the acquisition of industrial electric motors and in biomass to replace fossil fuel.  Reforestation is also envisioned by the country.



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