Kenya proposes an economy wide NDC to abate its GHG emissions below a BAU scenario. In 2030 the projected emissions are 143MtCO2. The proposal is to reduce by 32% of these emissions by 2030. Also, Kenya establishes that 21% of the mitigation costs will be supported by the national government and 79% will be supported by international aid through finance schemes, technology transfer and capacity building.

The Climate Action Tracker rates the NDC '2°C compatible', although there is room for further actions.

NDC also provides a non-exhaustive list of priority mitigation measures in various sectors. These include increasing the share of renewables in the national energy grid; enhancement of energy efficiency across sectors; achieving a tree cover of at least 10% of Kenya’s land area; and climate smart agriculture using Carbon payment for ecosystem services (PES).

(Kenya NDC, 2020)