Ecuador's NDC covers all sectors, excl. LULUCF. Emissions under BAU scenario are projected to reach 76.904 MtCO2e in 2025. Ecuador pledges an unconditional reduction of 9% in its emission by 2025, achieving 67.774 MtCO2e, and a conditional reduction of 20.9%, achieving 60.824 MtCO2e. Some projections are made also to the LULUCF sector, taking as reference 2008 and projecting emissions also for 2025. In this case the country commits with 20% reduction compared to BAU, being 4% unconditionally.

Ecuador presents some initiatives such as the development of hydropower plants, the increase in energy efficiency, renewable energy (wind, solar and biogas from landfills), as well as efficient public transport. There are no quantified targets for these objectives. (Ecuador NDC, 2019)