Mongolia's NDC present a reduction below BAU scenario. The BAU reaches 74.3 Mt ??2e in 2030 without LULUCF. An unconditional reduction of 22.7% in GHG by 2030 was proposed, therefore the emission target is 57.4 Mt CO2e. In addition, Mongolia sets that if conditional mitigation measures are applied (CCS and waste-to-energy technology) the reduction may achieve 27.2% below BAU by 2030. The gases covered by the NDC are CO2, CH4, N2O and HFCs.

In the electricity sector, Mongolia planned to increase the production of energy from renewable sources and improve its efficiency in the grid transmission. In the transportation sector, the major target is switch fuel (less carbon intensive) and modal. Energy saving measures and usage of coal-bed methane and waste heat are outlined as the plan for reducing emissions on the industry sector and fuel switch is also the approach in the building sector. In agriculture the focus is on the management of livestock (Mongolia NDC, 2020).