Angola uses 2005 as a reference year to project a BAU scenario for 2030 with a total emissions of 193.250MtCO2e comprehending all sectors of the economy. It proposes an unconditional target to reduce GHG emissions up to 35% by 2030 as compared to the Business as Usual (BAU) scenario (total: 125612 MtCO2e) and a conditional target to reduce an additional 15% below BAU emission levels by 2030  (total: 96.625MtCO2e).

The national strategy to achieve the goals is focuses on power generation from renewable resources (mostly hydropower and wind farms) and LULUCF sector with reforestation and avoiding deforestation. The NDC also outlines production of ethanol and biomass for fuel switch. (Angola, NDC 2020)



Angola submitted again the INDC as the updated NDC.