Tonga’s NDC utilizes 2006 as a reference year when it emitted a total of 310.4 GgCO2e. Tonga’s NDC covers CO2, CH4 and N2O but with sectoral targets rather than an economy-wide.

In the overarching energy sector, it aims to reduce emissions by 13% (16GgCO2e) of the sector by 2030 compared to 2006 emissions (120.4 GgCO2e).  For that, in the electricity sector Tonga sets a renewable electricity target of 70% (wind, solar and battery storage). In the transport sector the actions rely on vehicle standards, tax, and tariffs. In the building sector related to energy consumption Tonga plans to adopt performance standards for appliances and lighting. Lastly, for the industrial sector and AFOLU there are no emissions targets (Tonga NDC, 2020).