Cambodia has submitted an economy-wide NDC target relative to a projected BAU scenario. The BAU scenario GHG emissions, incl. LULUCF, in 2030 are expected to reach 155 MtCO2e and without LULUCF is 78.7 Mt CO2e.  An alternative scenario encompassing reduction efforts is also presented, which would reach 64.6 MtCO2e in 2030, representing a reduction of 41.7%. Without LULUCF, the projected reduction stays at 26.5%.

In the electricity sector, the country presents investments in renewable sources of power generation. In the transport sector, the NDC points out actions to ensure inspection of vehicles, promotion of public transportation and carbon pricing instruments to reduce emission. In the building sector, Cambodia underscores urban planning, performance labelling in domestic devices and improvement in energy efficiency, as well codes and certification. In Industry, Cambodia relies on voluntary schemes and more efficient equipment to reduce energy consumption (Cambodia NDC, 2020).