Argentina proposes an absolute and economy-wide (excluding LULUCF) unconditional target of 359 Mt CO2e in the year 2030 and to reach carbon neutrality by 2050. However, the latter was not submitted to UNFCCC and will be outlined in the country’s long-term strategy (LTS) probably before COP26. 

Argentina’s NDC explicitly mentions codes and standards for buildings and the promotion of renewable energy and other less intensive fuel sources to industry as potential mitigation areas.

Main mitigation options in the land transportation sector are the support for hybrid and electric cars and less intensive heavy-duty vehicles. In the electricity sector the focus will be to shift to renewables or switch to less intensive gases (e.g. natural gas) and the improve energy efficiency of domestic appliances. Lastly, in the agriculture sector the reliance lies on strategic territorial planning and afforestation (Argentina NDC, 2020).

CAT rates Argentina’s unconditional target as 'Insufficient' (Climate Action Tracker, 2021).