Moldova established 1990 as reference year and propose an economy-wide unconditional target to reduce of GHG emissions by 70% relative to 1990 (44.9 MtCO2e excluding LULUCF or 43.4 MtCO2e including LULUCF) by 2030, and a conditional target to reduce up to 88% below 1990 GHG emissions.

Although no policy instrument or strategies are specifically outlined in its NDC, it was pointed out that Moldova has signed an agreement with the EU in which there is an obligation to align climate policies, for instance the adoption of 2030 renewable energy goals and transitioning to a low-carbon economy. Also, Moldova relies on regional and international market mechanisms to achieve its conditional 2030 target, in that sense, entering in the EU-ETS is outlined as a way forward. (Moldova NDC, 2020).