The Resolution of the President No. PP-4477 of 2019 on the Strategy for the Transition to a Green Economy for 2019-2030 adopted a strategy of comprehensive measures aimed at transforming, modernising and diversifying the basic sectors of the economy and balanced socio-economic development of territories.

The resolution includes the following targets:

Reduction of specific greenhouse gas emissions per unit of gross domestic product by 10% from the level of 2010 by 2030
Doubling energy efficiency and reducing the carbon intensity of gross domestic product
?Further development of renewable energy sources with bringing their share to more than 25% of the total electricity generation
Ensuring access to modern, inexpensive and reliable energy supply to 100% of the population and sectors of the economy
Modernization of the infrastructure of industrial enterprises, ensuring their sustainability by increasing energy efficiency by at least 20% and wider use of clean and environmentally friendly technologies and industrial processes
A significant increase in the efficiency of water use in all sectors of the economy, the introduction of drip irrigation technologies on an area of up to 1 million hectares and an increase in yield to 20-40% of the crops cultivated on them;
Increase to 20 - 25% of the average productivity of production of the main types of food agricultural products.?