The project aims to catalyse the generation of about 100 MW, developed by the private sector, with public-sector support targeted to overcome the higher-risk phases of development, and thus make geothermal energy a reliable, low-cost, and significant contributor to Tanzania's electric power supply.
Also, the goal is to increased supply of renewable energy: 700 GWh from geothermal and 178 GWh from off grid renewables (non-binding country targets). IEA/IRENA Global Renewable Energy Policies and Measures Database © OECD/IEA and IRENA, [November 2020]

Impact indicators:
  • 1
    Name: Share of renewables (%)
    Value: 20
    Base year: -
    Target year: 2020
    Comments: Share of renewables in electricity consumption (%), Capacity of renewables in electricity production (GW), Share of renewables in final energy (%)