"The Standard on Mobile Sources Emissions requires companies to reduce their emissions to the levels required and to properly maintain their equipment to ensure emissions reduction. The Standard presents a framework for a sustainable management of mobile sources. It sets out emission limit values depending upon the engine type and capacity. Companies are required to ensure that the emissions of their mobile sources are in compliance with the emission limits for all new equipment. However, for existing equipment they have five years to bring their emissions in line with the limits stated. The Standard introduces emission limits for pieces of equipment used outdoors and aims at protecting, maintaining, and improving the environment and public health. The mobile sources include those such as mobile generators, agricultural machinery, and large earthmoving equipment. The emission limits include those for diesel engines, small and large gasoline engines, and recreational vehicles not included in Saudi Arabia Standard Organization (SASO)." (http://ehsjournal.org/http:/ehsjournal.org/sanaa-chakibi/saudi-arabia-9-new-environmental-laws/2013/)