"The Act provided regularization of incident land occupations in areas of the Union, under the Legal Amazon, as defined in art. 2 of the Supplementary Law No. 124 of January 3, 2007, through sale and assignment of right of use of real estate. The application of that law is made by Terra Legal Program whose main objective is to regulate private properties up to 15 tax modules more quickly. For this, the program establishes the following phases: registration of possessions, geo-referencing, survey (in some cases provided by law) and emission of titles and monitoring following land titling. In total, the program registered 74,132 possessions in 8,369,872.937 hectares, in 12 months, with the largest part of valid entries located in ParĂ¡, and with 49% of homeowners (35,815 possessions) and 48% (4 million hectares) of the registered area."