Policies (22)
Last update: 05/04/2023
Policy name Sector Policy type Country Decision date
Nationally Determined Contribution - NDC Pakistan 2021
National Energy Efficiency and Conservation Act Pakistan 2016
Fuel Tax Pakistan 2015
Intended Nationally Determined Contribution - INDC Pakistan 2015
Net metering policy for solar PV and wind projects Pakistan 2015
Framework for Implementation of Climate Change Policy (2014-2030) Pakistan 2014
Pakistan 2025: One Nation, One Vision Pakistan 2014
Framework for Power Cogeneration, Bagasse and Biomass Pakistan 2013
National Power Policy Pakistan 2013
National Climate Change Policy Pakistan 2012
Alternative and Renewable Energy Policy Pakistan 2011
The Energy efficiency and Conservation Act Pakistan 2011
National Sustainable Development Strategy (NSDS) Pakistan 2010
The Council of Renewable Technologies Act Pakistan 2010
Alternative Energy Development Board Act Pakistan 2010
National Forest Policy Pakistan 2010
Scheme for Financing Renewable Projects - soft loans Pakistan 2009
Policy Recommendations for Use of Biodiesel as an Alternative Fuel Pakistan 2008
Alternative and Renewable Energy Policy Pakistan 2006
Environment Protection Act Pakistan 1997