Policies (49)
Policy name Sector Policy type Country Decision date
Climate Act Denmark 2019
Danish Building Regulations Denmark 2018
Reduction in vehicle registration tax for EVs Denmark 2017
Purchase Tax Rebate Vehicle Denmark 2017
Green Owner Tax Denmark 2017
Strategic Energy plan for Green Transportation - Sønderborg Municipality Denmark 2016
Energy Tax Exemption - Commercial Charging - Electric Mobility Denmark 2016
Differentiated Registration Tax Denmark 2015
Danish Building Regulations Denmark 2015
Vehicle Registration Tax Derogation Denmark 2015
Electricity Tax Rebate Denmark 2015
Ownership Tax Differentiation Denmark 2015
Danish Council on Climate Change Denmark 2014
Climate Change Act Denmark 2014
Energy Supply Act Denmark 2013
Danish Building codes Denmark 2013
The Danish Climate Policy Plan Denmark 2013
Energy Agreement 2012-2020 Denmark 2012
Regulation on Net-metering for the Producers of Electricity for Own Needs Denmark 2012
Energy Strategy 2050 Denmark 2011