Policies (6273)
Last update: 04/04/2024
Policy name Sector Policy type Country Decision date
Exemption of the Internal Tax on Fossil Fuels for Cogeneration Facilities France (2000) France 2000
National Programme for Combating Climate Change France (2000) France 2000
National Programme for Tackling Climate Change France (2000) France 2000
Network on Energy Efficiency France (2000) France 2000
Official Tax Bulletin - Provisions on the Reduced VAT Rate for Works Carried Out in Residential Buildings (BOI-TVA-LIQ-30-20-90-20-20140929) France (2000) France 2000
Survey and Pre-feasibility Assistance: Disposition Général des Aides à la Décision France (2000) France 2000
Tariffs in Favour of Renewable Energy France (2000) France 2000
Tax Credit for Renewable Energy in New Buildings France (2000) France 2000
12-month Amortisation Law Extension France (1999) France 1999
Alternative Vehicle Differential Tax Exemption France (1999) France 1999
Biogas Agreement France (1999) France 1999
Biogas Program France (1999) France 1999
District Heating Classification France (1999) France 1999
Funding for Energy Audits - Fonds Regionaux aux Conseils (FRAC) France (1999) France 1999
Multilateral Development of Gen IV Nuclear Power Plants France (1999) France 1999
Normalised Estimation of Energy Fees France (1999) France 1999
Norms for Energy-Consuming Appliances and Equipment France (1999) France 1999
Planned Carbon Tax France (1999) France 1999
Promotion of Electric and Natural-Gas Powered Vehicles France (1999) France 1999
Reduced Electricity Consumption in Government Buildings France (1999) France 1999